Sunday, 3 August 2008

Web 2.0 - What was that again?

With social networking becoming a widely acceptable and usable form of expression, the Web2.0 bandwagon has been able to piggyback into our lives without us really realizing it.

I came across this 50 second video wherein Tim O'Reilly when asked a definition of Web2.0 responded with two nuggets. The network is the platform and users add value.

I guess this is as clear and succinct that one could get when talking about Web2.0.Many organisations are starting to base their business models on Web2.0 and established software powerhouses are rolling out 'Web2.0' based product suites.

I have read and heard many individuals question if Web2.0 has had any 'big' success stories. I guess the very fact that Web2.0 has become a transparent fabric of our virtual world is a big win in itself. Looking for 'big' wins in the form of 'Web2.0' products or applications may not happen with a big bang but the affect of Web2.0 will permeate across the software industry and business models in vogue.

The Web has changed. It is now linking people not content and Web2.0 is the glue. Here is a cool 5 minute video that shows you how..

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