Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Flocking to 'Flock'- A Social Networking Browser

Flock built using Mozilla's Firefox technology is a cool browser that implements social networking amongst other Web 2.0 features. The latest stable release available for download is 1.2 while version 2.0 is in beta testing.

While configuring and adding different sites (Facebook, Blogger) is easy as pie, uploading photos to a Blogpost is where I pulled a hammy. While this post has been written and posted via Flock's interface to Blogger, I needed to login to Blogger to upload a screen shot of Flock.

But while Flock may need tweaks / improvements , it is certainly a good tool for being socially active. I guess in some ways, its like meebo and in others its like iGoogle if you consider its feed gobbling and its 'widget' integration philosophy. Within Flock, you can get updates from your friends (on Facebook), post to your blog, read news, upload photos (to Flickr /Facebook).
Flock is described as "The Social Web Browser". and "the browser for the modern web". I guess having a browser advertised as a vehicle for social networking is an accurate summarization of where the web is headed and the grip that social networking has on our day to day lives.
Blogged with the Flock Browser

Addendum (Added on 12th September 2011) Flock has been discontinued since April 2011 and users to the download page are advised to download Chrome or Mozilla.

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