Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Midori Microsoft' new OS

Microsoft has a new game and its called 'Midori '. The new game looks just like an operating system, feels like an operating and IS an operating system. The only difference is that it will work unlike its much loved big brother -Windows in the sense that it is a 'network-centric' os. With Midori, MS is hopeful of opening the doors of cloud computing.To contain panic and dropping sales, Microsoft has been quick to point out that existing Windows applications will be able to survive on this 'network-centric' platform.

Applications on Midori will live as services and will thrive on an Asynchronous Promise architecture.But the most interesting thing for us small time developers will be that we will no longer have to rely on a dual core powered desktop to get things done. I could use a super computer in Carnegie Mellon without being oblivious to the fact. Now we are talking!!

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