Saturday, 23 June 2007

John's essential links..for the saavy J2EE developer

We often come across useful information in our development phase and store it away as a book mark but we don't really index or summarise the information for later use and end up Googling for the same information when we need it again.

I intend to maintain this page as a collection of links related to various J2EE tools and technologies, that can be used for as a one stop shop for finding my favorite J2EE links regarding a particular technology or the solution to an issue I faced and sharing them with the J2EE community.

Feel free to send me your favorite links with a short summary of what is there on the page and I'll add it to the list.

  • Build Tools

A. Maven

1. This article gives a good conceptual overview of the maven build tool and a handy startup command reference.
2. From the Maven home page, a starter's guide. This page has a handy faq but tries to focus on too many things and so might not answer all your doubts but it does give you something to go on.
3.Another good explanation of Maven concepts and a starter guide.

B. Ant

  • Java XML Serialization Technology


1. A beginner's guide to JAXB.

  • Wikis and Blogging Tools

A. Versionate

B. MediaWiki

C. BaseCamp

  • Logging Tools
A. Log4J

  • Testing Tools
A. JUnit

B. Cactus

C. JMeter

D. SoapUI

  • Web Application Servers
A. Tomcat


C. WebLogic

  • Presentation / Web Tier
A. Struts




  • Code Standardizing / Bug Finding Tools


B. findBugs

C. lint4J

  • Source Control Software
A. SubVersion

B. TortoiseSVN

Refer to this post for information, directions and tips on understanding, setting up and using Subversion and TortoiseSVN.
  • Useful Tools
Source Generation Tools

A. MiddleGen
B. XDoclet

Tailing Log Files : Cygwin

  • Frameworks
A. Spring


  • Interesting APIs
A. Google Maps

1. This article has an excellent collection of Google Maps API usability examples.
2. This post summarises some of the other Google APIs, mainly the Google ToolBar API, Google Gadgets API, the Google Calendar API among others.

  • Setting Up / Configuring Tools / HowTos

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