Saturday, 23 June 2007

My experience on building projects with Maven

I have been using Maven for the last couple of projects and have begun to realise the cool things that are possible. Claims that Maven is much more than a build tool and rather a project management tool appear justified.

Maven is best suited for setting up a project structure ( I mean the essential directory structure for a web based project) without minimum fuss. There are several public repositories such as http// available for downloading project dependencies and associating them with the project. If your required jar isn't available, you don't need to fret. Download them from somewhere and update the ibiblio repository, so the next time anyone needs them, they can get them.

Another advantage as compared to it traditional rival ANT is that Maven conforms with the OO paradigm and supports the concept of a super class (read Parent POM). Low level tasks like code compilation are carried out by Maven without needing any additional tweaking from the developer.

Maven also breaks new grounds with its project site generation, reporting, source control management and well.. a lot of stuff. I could go on and on singing praises but hey, why not try something out for yourself.
This tutorial has a handy Maven command reference, to get you started.

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