Saturday, 30 June 2007

Another milestone :Tendulkar reaches 15000

After a disappointing, OK..that was not right, horrendous World Cup campaign, the Indian cricket bandwagon seems to have shaken off some of its sluggishness to overcome the Spring Boks yesterday,after losing the first match. Yes, they did crush Bangladesh a month ago but then Bangladesh is not Australia and 1 billion people want to see India perform and equal giants in the cricket world.

There were two interesting things about yesterday's win.Tendulkar crossed 15000 runs. A mammoth achievement by any standards. If you have ever played cricket and passionately live the game, you'll know what I am talking about. A minor blimp in Tendulkar's achievement was his second failure in a row in missing out on a century after getting into the nineties, but I guess a guy who already has 41 centuries to his name in One-day cricket and another 37 in Test match cricket is only going to shrug this off. Watch Tendulkar's bat for more fireworks.

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