Sunday, 16 September 2012

Setting up an Image Gallery in Joomla

Most Joomla based sites end up requiring an image gallery of some sort and while there are a variety of  options available, you are liable to run into trouble with Javascript conflicts between the Javascript version or library of your Image Gallery plug-in with the other Javascript libraries loaded by the other plug-ins or the template. One option is ofcourse to hack the php template and debugging the Javascript conflicts using a browser based debugger which could be a tricky as well as tedious exercise.
The other and more staright forward approach is to use a non-Javascript based image gallery plug-in. One such plug-in is the css-gallery plugin. The plug-in is easy to install and has a simple configurable interface which is well documented. It is also  possible to add captions and link to the gallery images. It took 5 minutes to set up the image gallery for the St John English School website. An example of the css-image gallery in action can be viewed here

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