Sunday, 26 August 2012

Setting up HIbernate Search on a Maven build

Hibernate Search is an interesting companion of the Hibernate core components. Since most applications with a public facing view invariably require, a search capability, Hibernate Search presents itself as an east to configure and implement, search tool that fits in well with the Hibernate ORM framework, Under the covers, Hibernate Search uses the Apache Lucene search engine and it is possible to write search queries directly targeting Lucene.Since Hibernate Search is annotation driven, it is preferable to have an annotation based implementation of Hibernate Core of your data model.

The following dependency definitions in your pom.xml will add the required Hibernate Search jars to your project.


Add the following property settings to your Hibernate.cfg.xml file.


These setting will direct Hibernate Search to create the Index base and store it on the File System in a directory named Lucene.

This is all you need to add Hibernate Search to your current project setup. Now all you need is to annotate the fields in your domain model that need to be searchable,

The key annotations are as follows:

@Table(name = "User")
public class User implements Serializable

@Field(index=Index.TOKENIZED, store=Store.NO)
private String userName;

The @Indexed annotation tells Search to Index this particular table.
The @Field(index=Index.TOKENIZED, store=Store.NO) annotations on the attribute definition tells Search to tokenize the field using the default analyzer. The store annotation tells Hibernate not to store the data with the index and this is the default behaviour. Storing data within the index is required is using a Projection.

You can read more about setting up Hibernate Search at Getting Started

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