Thursday, 2 August 2007

Intelligent Lighting in Trains

On my way to work today, in the train, I couldn't help noticing the lights were on while the sun blazed in through the windows.Yeah..Yeah..Melbourne has underground stations..a grand total of 4 but do we need the lights on all the time? I think not. Making the lighting system intelligent is the key.

Power could be saved in such scenarios by fixing a light intensity meter in the engine compartment which would measure the strength of the light filtering into the train.
When the strength of the light would fall below a certain level, the intensity of the power lights increased in the passenger compartments.

Of course such a system will have to be calibrated to take into account temporary changes such as the sun going behind the clouds or another train blocking the sun while passing or we would have the lights coming on and off and passengers getting the Saturday Night Fever.

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