Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Arising from the murky depths...

The Indian cricket team finally has something to smile about after the final test ended in a tame draw. To say that India outplayed the match and took it beyond the reach of the English would be an understatement, although losing three quick wickets in the second innings showed a glimpse of what could have happened.

Rahul Dravid, justifiably proud finally has something to talk about and for once everyone in the team can smile. They have all contributed in a deserving win. It isn't often that there is a Team effort evident in an Indian win but in this case, it was the main reason for their success.

The series win could also be a fitting swan song to the top five veterans who might retire in the near future and could boost their morale to an exciting upcoming series in Australia. Three years ago, India came close, very close to a win Down Under but a gritty 80 from a certain Mr. Waugh prevented the sun from shining for India that day.

This year, half of that famous Australian line up will be missing. Will India captalise or capitulate? Only time will tell..

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