Saturday, 30 November 2013

Windows 8.1 : A big improvement over Windows 8

After all the negative reviews and tales of doom following the release of Windows 8, I recently got the chance to upgrade my Windows 8 machine to Windows 8.1. For starters, the upgrade was free which was a pleasant surprise and while the upgrade which was carried out through the Windows store took a good hour or so to complete it went without any problems.
Windows 8.1 is all about smoothing the feathers that Windows 8 ruffled. In the drive to be aggressive in the phone and table segment, Windows made some changes to the basic features of the operating system that didn't go down well with the users.The biggest annoyance was the absence of the Start button. Users were expected to get used to the tiled view of invoking and accessing programs. To enter into the classic desktop view, there was a desktop tile that needed to be used.
Windows 8.1 fixes these annoyances by bringing back the Start button albeit not in the way as it appeared before but with a slightly different flavour. The main programs can now be invoked from the Start button by right clicking on it.
Another change that Windows 8.1 brings in is the boot to the desktop option. Users can now choose to start with the classic desktop view that they have been used to rather than the tiled view that comes up by default. This change is again a crowd pleaser and allows users who were comfortable with the old interface to accept this new avtaar of Windows.
Overall, after upgrading to Windows 8.1, I am much more comfortable with the operating system than I was with the basic Windows 8.0 so if you are struggling with Windows 8.0, check out the upgrade to Windows 8.1 in the Windows store before Microsoft removes it from the Free section :-)

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