Saturday, 13 July 2013

MonjaDB - The Eclipse plugin for MongoDB

MonjaDB is an Eclipse plug-in for connecting to a mongoDB server and manipulating data records. It provides a simple intuitive interface for viewing, querying and performing CRUD operations on JSON documents stored within the database. As described in the screenshot below, the list of available databases is shown in the DBTree window. In this case, the blog database has been selected and from within it the posts table is active. Data from the posts table is visible in the central window, titled  Document List. The windows to the right of the Document List provide an interface for editing a particular data row.

monjaDB Interface

The bottom windows titled Actions and Saved Actions give the ability to re-run any database commands or queries and to save those commands for further reference. Finally, the console window captures log statements generated by the MongoDB server.
Overall, monjaDB is a simple yet powerful MongoDB GUI client that provides the ability to perform basic database operations and run queries against a MongoDB database.

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