Friday, 7 June 2013

Oracle Java Certification SE 7 : Changes to the exam process

The Java Certification process has undergone a major over haul since Oracle bought out Sun. Since I started looking into the certification process, I thought I'd summarise the changes in the certification process for Java  SE 6 / 7 in the last 3 years.The following table lists some of the major changes to the Oracle Java Programmer certification process.

Exam Code
Number of Questions / Pass Percent
Time For Exam
Certification Name
Is Exam Still Available?
Oracle Certified Java Associate /Java SE 7 Programmer I
Yes / Since Oct 2011
150 mins
Oracle Certified Java Programmer /Java SE 7 Programmer II
Yes / Since Oct 2011 
IZ0-851( Java 6)
60 (61%)
150 mins
Oracle Certified Java Programmer 6
Yes / Since Oct 2011
CX 301-065 ( Java 6)
72/47 (65%)
210 mins
Oracle Certified Java Programmer 6
No / Replaced by  IZ0-851

To summarise, as on June 2013, if you do not hold any prior certification the certification path to becoming a Oracle Certified Java Programmer SE 7 requires, two exams to be taken (IZ0-803 & IZ0-804).  If holding a prior certification, then it is just one upgrade exam (IZO-805)
Please take a look at this post where I am collecting exam preparation resources.

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