Tuesday, 21 May 2013

JExcel vs Apache POI : Reading and Writing Excel Files

JExcel is a relatively simple and robust Java based library for manipulating Excel (.xls) files. While it has relatively less functionality than its bigger and more popular brother, Apache POI, it offers a simple API for Excel manipulation.Some features that made me choose JExcel were its relatively smaller memory foot print, simple API and upto date documentation.
On the other hand, some drawbacks that made me wary of choosing the tool were its lack of support for .xlsx files and the fact that the last release was in October 2009, more than 3 years ago. This discussion has listed a significant number of differences between JExcel and POI and while it may appear that Apache POI would be the obvious winner, it all boils down to your requirements. After all you can travel from point A to B in a car or do the same trip in a truck. In situations where the requirements are not very clear, are extensive  or might require support for .xlsx files in the future, Apache POI might be a better choice but if your requirements are clear, you need a fast and efficient Excel generating tool with minimum fuss, choose JExcel.


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