Wednesday, 21 March 2012

JDom : The Java based solution for XML manipulation

JDom is a Java based open-source XML manipulation tool that is easy to install and use. Whereas technologies like JaXB are focussed on the marshalling and unmarshalling of XML using Java beans, JDom is more of a XML manipulation tool that is an alternative to DOM and SAX even though as the FAQ says, it integrates well with both these technologies.The best way to understand how well JDOM fits into your requirements is to read the very detailed FAQ. JDom version 1.1.13 is the latest version which is now available from maven-central.

xPath support in JDom via Jaxen makes accessing and manipulating XML document trees a breeze. Thus, if you are looking for a low cost solution for manipulating XML documents from a pre-existing template or querying an XML document for extracting xml attribute values, give JDOM a run.

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