Thursday, 14 July 2011

Java 7 is finally here...

With Java 7 (codename : Dolphin, Project Coin) slated for an official July 28, 2011 release and a developer preview available, it is encouraging to see the excitement generated by the Java 7 celebration webcast. Its been around 18 months since Oracle absorbed Java and there was a bit of uncertainty when all one would see in the Java updates was be the re-branding of JDK with the Oracle logo.

While Java 7 doesn't promise any ground breaking features, there will be an improved I/O API and a few other bits and pieces (Strings in Switch constructs, Easier Generics, Improved error handling and readability of code). It is also encouraging sign for developers that Java based applications will continue to thrive and move in an expected direction guided by the JCP.

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