Monday, 6 July 2009

Wimbledon 2009: Federer won but Roddick didn't lose

Last night, Federer created history by overtaking Sampras as the all time winner of 15 Grand Slam titles. In doing so, he set another record by appearing in his seventh consecutive Wimbledon final but spare a thought for the man who stood in his way and threatened to spoil the party, Andy Roddick.
Roddick came to this final a record of 18 loses and only 2 wins against Federer. This was hardly encouraging however, armed with a new strategy that attempted to stifle the free flowing Federer and a fitter body, Roddick unleased a barrage of serves that kept him toe to toe with the FedEx. Infact throughout the match, it was Roddick who on several occasions threatened to seize control and run away with the match, however Federer being the great Champion that he is used all his experience to finally overcome Roddick in the longest fifth set in the annals of the competition. Well Done Federer (for the win and for also regaining the number one ranking) but also Well played Roddick!!

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