Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Building workflows with JBOSS's jBPM

On a recent engagement, I had another opportunity to work with jBPM. The BPM in jBPM stands for Business Process Management and since its a part of the JBOSS enterprise suite, it works closely with the JBOSS application server and the JBOSS Eclipse IDE.

jBPM has its own Process Definition Lanaguage (jPDL) that it based on an XML schema. While learning the jPDL and designing a process is one way of getting started, the other easier alternative is to use the Grahical Process Designer (GPD). The GPD is available as a plug-in for JBOSS Eclipse and using the steps outlined in this article you can get yourself setup in a matter of minutes. The second part of the same article shows how you can create your first jBPM project and a BPM process within it. If you want a more detailed overview of the process creation and deployment, this webinar is a great way to learn about the GPD.

jBPM being open-source is great value for the advanced capabilities it offers. It also integrates well with JBOSS Rules (a.k.a DROOLS) and allows the user a lot of latitude in setting up the BPM component. The JBOSS jBPM site is a good place to start learning and using the tool.

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