Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Preparing for Java Certification 7?

Changes to the exam process for Java certification 7, now require two exams to be cleared if not holding an older certification. Those who hold a prior certification, can take the Java SE 7 Upgrade Exam  and upgrade their quals.
The mantra to succeed in these certification exams appears to be 
(a) practice, practice, practice writing a lot of code without an IDE 
(b) Sit for mock exams. Enthuware appears to be a popular choice for Java 7 aspirants. 
(c) Follow a good book. Kathy and Sierra are to come out with their book for version 7, sometime late 2013, but if using their SCJP 6.0 guide, follow Bert Bates advice here and here.

 ** Links to Sample Tests **
  • JavaRanch's collection of sample tests and sites that give a very good overview of the questions. This is the most comprehensive set of links and tests. A MUST!!
  • Good set of questions based on SCJP 1.4 but well worth a study.
  • JavaProgramming's  set of tests.

    ** Links to Study Notes and Materials **
  • Study Notes  on AK Gupta's site. Also visit his compilation of links for MORE tests and resources.
  • Another set of study notes on the exam. This one is based on SCJP 2.0 but it is still worth a look.
  • Read a guy's experience and thoughts on how to prepare.
       ** Links to some good Java resources **
  • Start with the JavaRanch and its forums.
  • JavaWorld has a set of Java blogs and Q&A forums.
  • JavaMagazine is Oracle's latest offering starting August 2011. 

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