Sunday, 23 September 2007

India edge out Australia

There are cricket matches and then there are those cricket matches. The India-Australia Twenty20 2007 World Cup semi-final was one of those cricket matches. It began at 2am Australia time and we got to see some scintillating cricket from both teams.

The Indian team, written off before the start of the tournament was a revelation. Sensible batting, clean hitting and some top class bowling in the dying moments of the match meant that India had finally outplayed the world champions,Australia and registered a convincing victory. The Indian Cricket Board was quick to rush in and announce an award of US$1 million for vanquishing Australia and entering the Finals and there was a Porsche911 for the man of the match, Yuvraj Singh.

Having won 6 out of 7 matches in the tournament, there is only question left?Can India lift the cup by beating Pakistan or have they just had their final moment of glory? Tomorrow, we will know the answer.

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