Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sometimes you have to lose, to find what it takes to win

The scoreline 6-4,6-1 doesn't really say it but I just saw one of the toughest fights by an under dog.Marion Bartoli won the crowd over at Wimbledon but could not win the championship. It was not the lack of effort that killed her chances but the lack of chances that the experience of Venus Williams fed her with. Marion fought hard, taking serves at 200 kmph well inside the base-line but there wasn't much she could give that Venus had not seen.

But all said and done, I feel that this defeat will make Marion a better player. She took out world number 1 and world number 3 on her way to the finals and lost to a player who had won the championships 3 times before. There is no shame in this loss , after all sometimes you have to lose to find what it needs to win.

In the men's, Rafa is playing the FedEx again and Wimbledon is not a clay surface.Can Rafa stop the FedEx from equaling Bjorn Borg's five championship titles? Maybe..

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